What The Left Is Leaving Out: Death Penalty As An Antidote To Terror

Remember Gadkari-Kejriwal affair? When Kejriwal went to jail because he has no substantive reason for calling Gadkari “India’s most corrupt”. At that time, a leftie person who supported AK (of course) kept asking everyone, including me, the question: do you think Gadkari is corrupt or innocent? As if that mattered. As if a trial in the court of public opinion is all that matters.

Well, this time the trial in public court is long concluded. Everyone believes Yakub to be guilty. Except the Left, who, after so many years of trials, multiple judgements against him, and not a single judge considering him innocent by any definition, still holds candle light vigils for him. Now, as then, the law is against the left.
10955329_10153438598548116_8338435472935981467_nBut now, the left is all about showing mercy. The same left who wanted India to instantly lose one of the best foreign ministers in decades, Mrs Swaraj. Only because she asked the British govt to proceed according to their laws in case of Lalit Modi. She didn’t endorse, plead for, or make any special arrangements for him. And Lalit Modi is not convicted of any crime at all. Can anyone explain their logic?
For some reason, the left has decided that terror has no religion (I mostly agree), victims have no religion (whatever that means) but the accused suddenly get a religion. Especially near punishment. You see, there’s a weird tendency of the left. All religions are good, except the majority in their country. So the lefties in U.S. are against evangelists, whom Indian lefties will lay down their lives for. The left in Pakistan glorifies Hinduism for its inclusiveness (from exile) and for Indian left, “Saffron Terror” is the biggest threat. This leads them down weird paths, where they end up fighting for the extremists who hate them. They opposed hanging Kasab because he was just a pawn and they oppose hanging Yakub because he’s just a planner and helper. I give up on their logic.
Some frame this as a fight against capital punishment and I have some sympathy for that. But what’s the alternative? The worst murderers, child rapists, and enemies of state come out in a few years and start again? Europe abolished capital punishment a few years ago and the worst criminals have now started to come out. The families of victims live in fear of reprisals, the witnesses go in hiding. While we cry buckets for the criminals whose lives we want to save, what do we propose to do to prevent more victims?
11751765_10153438598538116_5407614154216196528_nLastly, death penalty is an antidote to terrorism. This is my personal view, and controversial, but think about it. The loss of lives in attacks is a tragedy, but that’s not the aim of those attacks. The aim is terror. Demoralization. Is it so wrong, as a piece of jingoist celebration, to be happy about one of the guilty being punished? Punishing Kasab, Yakub gives a regular Indian some satisfaction, a sense of faith in the system. The antidote to terror and demoralization. We must ensure we don’t punish the innocent, of course, but those we convict, we should punish. Letting them go will only demoralize the nation further, and that’s what a win for terrorists looks like.
Does the left doesn’t understand this, or do they really understand it too well? After all a basic tenet of communist agenda is to break down nations and create “world socialism”. Thank god the system worked this time.