Farming the Progress Factory

Rahul Gandhi recently made a stupid statement. Another one. He said that we need to promote agriculture by higher food prices, and we need to go slow on business and industry. He made Suit-Boot a symbol of the wrong way to go for India.

Agriculture sector is sick in India. Most people in the sector are agricultural workers who don’t own land. Those who do, usually own so little that they hardly have surplus. All countries should aim to aim to reduce these numbers as much as possible. The only way is creating industrial jobs.

Can you trace the line of logic here? Push for manufacturing and large scale services is the way out of poverty for the poorest, the most vulnerable. Pushing for higher food prices to artificially support farmers helps the rich farmers at the cost of the rest of the country. Including the poor farmers who have to buy their food.

Some people believe that Rahul Gandhi is a well intentioned idiot. I agree with the last word, but what well intentioned guy deliberately ignores the reality and wants the poor to remain poor and dependent? Socialism is the default of all economically illiterate people who want to seem well intentioned. Who doesn’t like the image of government helping the poor? But real help comes from jobs, not doles.

Look at the sprawling slums of our metros. Think about the people there. They are real, rational people who have decided that living at the mercy of goons, policemen, and surrounded by squalor, disease and poverty is a better life than that in their villages. Think how bad their villages must be. M K Gandhi has created an illusion of ideal villages with happy pre-industrial people. The reality is that everyone in villages who can escape, does. And few ever go back. Promoting that lifestyle is as fool-hardy as promoting poverty. Let’s try and make a better, more technology friendly, more business friendly India.

I’d love a Suit-Boot ka India. And so would the farmers whom this rich, lazy, incompetent fool is pretending to protect


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