I’m The worst option, the best victim. 

When you build your tower on sand, don’t be surprised when it starts to sink and crumble. I have always known that when the central plank to remove corruption is based on threat and punishment (Lokpal), the central tenet is top-down control. In other words fascism, or its close cousin communism. 

Whenever I say anything against AAP the common refrain is always but see how bad this other party is. There is always someone wailing “why us”. Does AAP teach its supporters how to play a victim? The events unfolding since last January have convinced me that AAP is the worst of all in many ways. Let me explain.

All that I may have against the part of IAC that formed AAP, they were at least morally coherent. They all stood for a cohesive, inclusive, collective leadership and didn’t mind that one guy was taking the centre stage. Did anyone notice how he messaging change from “Poorna Swaraj” to “5 saal Kejriwal”? The leaders of IAC did. One by one they are leaving. I think either the more perceptive or the less desperate left earlier. The most idealistic will be kicked out today, I presume. And the most opportunistic will linger till the smell of opportunity does.
Can anyone look at the lineup of Khetan, Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh and say with a hand on their heart that the party has improved from its IAC days? Can anyone remember that guy who was famous for sleeping on platforms? Remember how big a deal was made of it? Does anyone feel the same warmth about the guy who is now the CM of Delhi? Can anyone honestly say that he’s been working tirelessly for the people who forgave and made him CM again?
That man has been working for himself all this while. Congrats Delhi, you’ve got male. Male Mayawati. One who has been elected solely based on sentiment and no one has any idea what they’re going to do, if anything.
It’s not as if other parties don’t by have egomaniacs and cults of personalities. The problem with the Sonia cult is that she is never answerable. She never does anything. There was 10 year rule of her party and there is not a single decision that can be pinned to her.
Modi has his problems, but there are two problems he doesn’t have. He knows he’s responsible and he works. Multiple articles in international business magazines talk about what no one in Indian media says: he’s fighting, and winning, against red tape. Even though it’s a long fight.
AAP vision itself is more red tape. And that’s easy to implement. Other part is the abdication of responsibility by doing a governance by polling. Asking Delhi residents to make budget is as stupid as asking school kids to make a syllabus.
The idealism is fake, the work ethic non-existent and the policies bizarre. And then they ask me why I criticize them so much. At least they know how to play the victim card well.