Poor Mr Tarantino – A Review Of Kill Dil

480There is a new kid on the block in Bollywood. Quentin Tarantino. Naam to suna hi hoga. Okay he’s no longer a kid, not from Bollywood and not so new. Because of course we have been copying his films for a long time. (remember Kaante?) but the latest thing is to copy his style. People at the periphery or outside of law, spouting spunky dialogues, with sexy music and awesome action. Basically portraying badass dudes, with some good looking women at the periphery. 

And there I just described Kill Dil. Or at least what it was aspiring to be. But does it make it? It’s a story of two orphans “rescued” by a Don who later puts them to work as hit-men. They look good, do awesome stuff and live reasonably well. Until Love.

Govinda-in-Kill-DilThe best thing about the movie is Govinda. He just shows that he’s a rockstar. He just chews up dialogues and throw it with either honey, lemon or lemon coated honey. He makes you want to throw some “chillar” at screen. Then there’s a heroine who never gets any character traits. And lastly we have the two heroes. They are ernest for sure. They kill, they sing, they dance and they fool around. Sometimes all at the same time. One falls in love and film decides to take a patli galli detour from Edgy street to Melodrama Highway, a road devoid of any twists.

This film is so predictable that the ending was a surprise only because there was no surprise. It’s banal, inconsequential and frankly boring by the end. It’s so without any twist that it’s not Tarantino at all, really.

Because the thing about Tarantino is very very good writing. That guy changed a passage from Bible to make it sound cool. This slow train along well trodden path would not cross the desk of his third assistant. The film has its moments, mainly in the first half when showing the guys from street meeting a bunch of upper class people. There the dialogue is interesting and the story still holds some promise. Alas, that was shattered.

When the only good thing you can say about the plot of a film is to thank the Lord for not making it a love triangle, someone has lost the plot. No amount of male bonding, clever dialogue or star power can make that into a Tarantino film.

PS: I know comparing to Tarantino is unfair, but when you name your film after Kill Bill, you’re asking for it.


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