Guardians of the Galaxy

When you name your film Guardians Of The Galaxy, the bar is set really high. I mean guarding a simple planet can be tough enough. Galaxies are notoriously difficult to guard. Well, it’s Marvel, makers if such heroes as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor… But wait, all of these together could only save New York. And Iron Man almost died! And the city was more or less destroyed anyways. These guardians better be super awesome. Let’s meet them.


So the first guy is Peter Quill, a planet hopping outlaw from Earth. He is also called Starlord. By no one. Literally no one except he himself uses the name Starlord. It’s like you trying to get a cool nickname for yourself. He accidentally teams up with a bunch even weirder and less accomplished. A female assassin on the run from the people who created her, a tough guy looking for revenge against people much more powerful than himself, and a raccoon genetically modified so he acts like a human being. That’s right, a raccoon. Basically a large rat. Oh and there’s a tree called Groot who walks and talks. Well, i say talk, but actually he can speak only three words. “I am Groot”

THESE guys will save the Galaxy? Yes they will. And then you add some super strong objects, super evil villains and some pretty heroic heroism. These guys will not only defeat the villains they will win your hearts too.

So here is what it is about. This is a story of a bunch of misfit-criminal-outlaws operating at the fringes of the “civilised” world. It is a world of gangsters and grubby bars and seedy 10500254_10152582475228116_6287548585530956908_ndiners, but there are caught by the squeaky clean people of a planet under threat. They need to escape, and figure out how best to use a strange object in their possession that everyone seems to want. They have to keep it away from people who’d use it to destroy the whole galaxy, or enslave it.

This is a film of the spirit of adventure, and about the world of adventure seekers. Its stimulating, interesting, invigorating and enticing. It makes you want to inhabit that world, grubby and chaotic as it is. And it features a retro soundtrack that has brought songs from 70’s and 80’s to the top of charts in 2014

If you have watched Kkrish and thought out kids deserve better entertainment, if you watched Kick and thought this is so lazily written, if you watched Dhoom and thought you needed characters you really care about: watch this. Take your kids and enjoy a fun ride. This is not super simple; it is heavy on dialogues, has a lot of characters and a lot of new names. But you know what, we learned the names of Chacha Chawdhary’s family, Hum Paanch family and even the vast and ever changing families of Tulsi etc. We can do this. And we will have fun doing this.

I don’t know whether it’s still running in your city, but if it is, go see it. By the time I saw it only the Hindi version remained, but that was fantastic too.

So step aside, super heroes. We have silly heroes, and they are pretty damned good. They might even actually guard the galaxy for us.


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