Film making as Villainy

When I was returning from the film Kishor Kumar was on the radio singing “yeh kya hua, kyun hua” and as so often happens, he captured my mood perfectly. What just happened?

Ek-VillainThis is a confusing story where a girl hires a professional killer to get an old man out of a mental hospital where no one is keeping him locked up. Where that girl is dying of an unknown illness, but when the “hero” hits a doctor he tells him a way to cure her. Where a loving father convinces his dying daughter to go for a proven killer. Where a wife is atrocious to her husband, and is the worst person possible, until she learns that he is a serial killer. Then she starts publicly proclaiming her love.
A “smiley” is an object used in text to convey an emotion that words can’t. In cinema, it is an open admission that the actors and director can’t really figure out how to show emotion. Drawing smileys is a decent tool once, but it’s repetition makes it useless and annoying. Speaking of annoying: the heroine. Shradha Kapoor believes in teeth. The more she shows, the happier she is. And fast talking equals a chirpy personality.  A dying person spreading happiness- what a new idea sirjee!
Anyways, it’s a love story of “unlikely lovers” and “doomed love” and all that. No problems. I can deal with that. But then there is the other serial killer. Ek-Villain-New-trailer-640x360A guy who loves his wife and she takes advantage of his love and treats him badly, because that’s what women do when pampered. There is another guy who ill treats his wife and talks of going to dance bars and beating her while she sobs. Guess who is happier?Of course the second one. Women are meant to be used, and to be put in their place when they assert themselves. When the first guy starts killing them, he finds happiness. Even at home. Because he brings home the jewelry he steals from the women he kills, and jewelry is all a woman really wants.
 This is a film in which a boy has his father killed by a gangster and his mother by that gangster’s gang. But it’s okay because the child then gets to be adopted by that gangster! Yay happy ending.
This is a pseudo-emotional, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-philosophical piece of manipulative cinema with deep misogyny. It is massively anti woman, and anti-logic. A woman falls from a window and is instantly dead. Two guys fall out of the same window, and both stand up, dust themselves and walk away. Not carried to a hospital, they both WALK.
And this is a hit, apparently. So we are back to Kishore Kumar: ye kya hua, kyun hua……