ExKrrisshiating Pain

Bollywood is masala. Just a superhero won’t do, we need more. For Krrish, Rakesh Roshan’s something more is the 80’s:  family drama, romance, a love triangle. And a lousy storyline with over the top dialogues. Laughable villain, with silent bodybuilder goons and  femme fatale, who falls for the hero…..

To say that the film is stupid is stating the expected. To say that it’s more stupid than I expected: that’s saying a lot. I was okay with Koi Mil Gaya. Via all the copying of E.T. it gained a story. Krrish had the charm of a guy discovering his powers. Both of these were not great films, but they tried being charming. After Krrish 1 comes Krrish 3, and we abandon all hope of anything making sense any more. We all know that the movie is a hit, but that just shows the dearth of options for our kids. It’s a horrible film for a kid. It’s violent, shows a lot of blood and suffering, and sends a very weird message of how DNA works.

For adults, it’s just too silly & absurd. But there are perks too. It has so many “inspirations” from Hollywood that you can play the game of “where is this scene/character lifted from?” If you don’t watch much Hollywood you can entertain yourself with spotting the brands advertised in the film. From Bournvita to Nokia, Tata motors, Nike, Flair Pens, even Del Monte and Tez…. I lost count of all the paid placements.
The paid placements were so clumsily placed, so blatant and shameless, they showed exactly what’s wrong with the film: it’s a tasteless money grab. The director thinks you are too stupid to notice everything that’s wrong. This is the guy who made Koyla after all. His idea of masala differs from mine. This one is a curry gone wrong.

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