What exactly are we searching for?

20121202-121011.jpgTalaash is a film about death and grief. From the death of a superstar, to the death of a child and a few deaths which don’t matter to the world as much.

This is not a review, because to write a review is to spoil the film. Don’t expect a Son of Sardar, or even a Ghajini. This film takes its time. It doesn’t have gags, it’s has moments. From somber to grisly to funny. This film has few jokes, but several places that make you smile. This is not a film you watch for release, it’s a film you watch to engage.

20121202-122002.jpgThis is not a light film, but I didn’t find it inordinately heavy either. It’s a film
Much like Satyamev Jayate was a TV program. It has a soul.

What Reema Katgi has written is a drama, not a suspense film. It’s not the climax that’s the more important thing about it, it’s the lives people lead.

I usually stay closer to the narrative than technicality, but there are two standouts in this 20121202-121253.jpgone. The cinematography by Mohanan makes mumbai look more enchanting and more ominous at the same time. This is not a copy of the Cinema Noir, it’s just a fantastic interpretation. The constant play of lights and shadows adds another dimension to the film.

Another standout performance is by Ram Sampath in not just the songs but in the background score. In scene after scene he uses the music to evoke the right emotions, and adds another dimension to the play on screen. (So yes, this is our first 4D film 🙂 )

20121202-121545.jpgAnd now to the on screen performances. Aamir and Rani were great as usual, Bebo was Bebo as usual, but the show stealer was Nawazuddin Siddiqui. In the role of Taimur, he takes ambiguity to a new height. Shernaz Patel is another scene stealer, not easy with Aamir and Rani on the screen with you.

Overall, this is a film for lovers of cinema, and lovers of a good story. I know it’s not a typical Khan film, and it’s not pandering to the commercial market. But that’s precisely the reason to watch it.


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