Let The Sky Fall

What happens when the world changes around you? When age is chasing you and the feet are tiring, when the enemies, deadly as ever, are nowhere and everywhere.

This is not the Bond of yore. This is not the guy who makes it look effortless to beat up a bunch of goons. This guy gets hit sometimes, he pants when he’s tired, and he is often in pain. But he does the job nonetheless. He is the hero who suddenly finds people around him too young. Where he starts to feel tangles of bureaucracy trapping him.

In this world, his only anchor is another one feeling rapidly outdated – M. She was always ruthless but effective, and when she falters on the effectiveness she finds herself being pushed out exactly at the moment her past is catching up with him.

And that takes the form of Silva. The ex spy who has turned against those he once worked for.

Won’t reveal anything else about this. Just suffice to say that Bond is kick-ass again. This is contemporary and up to date. This has pace, glitz and glamour, but it also has a heart, a soul and most importantly a brain.

This film makes Bond make sense in a world where spies seem non-sensical. And that is largely because of a bunch of great performances by Daniel Craig, Dame Judy Dench and Javier Bardem. This is a far cry from the world of Pierce Brosnan when a smile and a quip was all the acting a Bond needed.

All in all, Sam Mendes has made an art film about spying in the modern world and an exploding, masala Bond film in one neat package.

And thus it is that a guy whose hobby is resurrection resurrects himself and his name. In the process he has made another killer film in an immortal franchise.


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