On Cinema And Exploitation

There were exactly two moments where I could empathize with the Heroine. First, when she asked a guy why he loves her, I asked the same question. What did he see in this obsessive, self destructive, wreck of a person? I never could root for her or want her to succeed.

The amount of tears shed in this film is phenomenal. The budget for glycerine and eye makeup must have been huge. Pity they had to cut out proper writers to balance the costs. Everyone keeps talking about actors as a different species,and there is very little insight. The film is simply about a woman with relationship and addiction problems.

Madhur Bhandarkar has confirmed what I always suspected. His cinema is exploitative. It always claims to attempt to bare some truth, but all he does is take a subject and throw muck at it. Be it fashion, corporate, or heroine, all he does is drudge up anything negative he can find, and present that as reality. Reality is more complicated Mr Bhandarkar. Add the plunging necklines and an unnecessary lesbian scene, and I was convinced that the director intends to exploit the cine world, not explore it. Shame really, there could have been an interesting film there.

And so the second time I sympathized with the heroine’s character was when she is pleading with folded hands with some reporters to let her go. I was doing the same thing by then. Enter at your own peril.


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